Santa Barbara Follow-up Itinerary (2 Days)

This itinerary was of another brief weekend overnight trip to Santa Barbara during the weekend of Valentines Day. Unlike the similar trip to the area that Julie and I did nearly six years ago, this one was stricken by a crippling drought that gripped much of California over the past three years or so. So after a disappointing waterfall experience, we pretty much had to shift gears and make this trip more about experiencing Santa Barbara than experiencing its Nature, which was a bummer. But with an upcoming trip to Spain, we looked for Spanish influences that might show themselves in the city's architecture and perhaps in the historical missions as well. One other thing that was nice about this trip was that Julie cashed in on her IHG Reward Points to cover the overnight stay, which saved us a bit of money given how expensive the Santa Barbara area can get...

Day Overnight Activity
1 Santa Barbara, CA
Holiday Inn Express Carpinteria
Seven Falls and Mission Falls, Santa Barbara Mission, Downtown Santa Barbara
2 Home Santa Barbara Mission, Old Courthouse, Downtown Santa Barbara

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