Seattle Wedding Itinerary (5 Days)

This five-day Memorial Day Weekend itinerary was largely a result of one of Julie's cousins getting married up in their home city of Seattle. Of course, we also saw this as an opportunity to fit in some waterfalling and sightseeing on the days that we wouldn't be active in any of the wedding activities or family gatherings. So in the few days that we had this opportunity, we managed to visit three waterfalls (all under overcast, misty, or downright rainy conditions), and we saw firsthand why they called Seattle the Emerald City given how green everything was (for good reason given the moisture up here). In any case, the summary you see below gives you a good idea of what we were able to accomplish despite the conflicting goals of the trip.

Day Overnight Activity
1 Seattle, WA
Julie's Cousin's Place
Car Rental Pickup, Space Needle, Pike's Market, Downtown Seattle, Rehearsal Dinner
2 Seattle, WA
Julie's Cousin's Place
Snoqualmie Falls, Twin Falls, Wallace Falls
3 Seattle, WA
Julie's Cousin's Place
Seattle Underground, Downtown Seattle, Pike's Market, Julie's Cousin's Wedding
4 Seattle, WA
Julie's Cousin's Place
Downtown Seattle, Pike's Market, Kerry Park
5 Home Car Rental Return, Travel

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