Sedona Itinerary (4 Days)

This itinerary of our long overdue visit to Sedona was an extended weekend, where the main reason for basing ourselves in this resort-like town in the heart of Arizona was to finally see Grand Falls. Aside from this waterfall, everything else was just icing on the cake. Indeed, there was a lot of driving involved, but this kind of trip further showcased the diverse scenery that we were able to experience if we took advantage of the weekend as well as a few more days off work. For Julie and I, this was our first time back in Northern Arizona in nearly seven or eight years so the red rock scenery was a refreshing change from the green and grays we had been accustomed to in most of our waterfalling endeavors.

Day Overnight Activity
1 Sedona, AZ
Super 8
2 Sedona, AZ
Super 8
Meteor Crater, Grand Falls
3 Sedona, AZ
Super 8
Devil's Bridge, Airport Mesa, Red Rock Crossing
4 Home Grand Canyon (South Rim)

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