Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks Camping Weekend Itinerary (3 Days)

This Labor Day Weekend itinerary pertained to a camping trip within the Cedar Grove section of Kings Canyon National Park. Since it took place well into the Summer, we didn't necessarily use this trip to visit as many waterfalls as we could. Actually, this trip was more of an excuse to hang out with a couple of good friends to share a bit of a hiking and camping experience. I believe it was their first time here so I'm sure it was something special. That said, we did visit the waterfalls within reach and in a couple of instances, we saw familiar waterfalls that actually seemed to appear better than they did in high flow, which proved to us that sometimes less is more. The table below summarizes the logistics and activities to make this pleasurable experience happen.

Day Overnight Activity
1 Kings Canyon National Park, CA
Sheep Creek Campground
Moro Rock, Roaring River Falls, Crescent Meadow and Tunnel Log, Mist Falls, Zumwalt Meadow
2 Kings Canyon National Park, CA
Sheep Creek Campground
Boyden Cavern, Grizzly Falls, Roaring River Falls
3 Home Grant Grove

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