Southern Utah with Mom Itinerary (4 Days)

Kind of on a whim, I decided to take advantage of the Memorial Day Weekend while Julie was also out-of-town. So I was accompanied by my Mom on a very spontaneous trip to some familiar haunts in Southern Utah, which is shown in the itinerary below. We went as far as Monument Valley on the Arizona-Utah border, and we wound up seeing many natural arches and bridges along the way. However, when it came to waterfalls, we had just one to show for it while the other target waterfall was a fail.

What was most memorable about this trip was that I wound up with a really hard lesson about how haste makes waste. More specifically, I wound up with two speeding tickets on the same day, which kind of put a cloud over this weekend trip. So not only did I get precious time with my Mom amidst some gorgeous scenery, but I also got quite a bit of a life lesson in the process...

Day Overnight Activity
1 Escalante, UT
Prospector Inn
Kodachrome Basin State Park (Shakespeare Arch)
2 Hanksville, UT
Whispering Sands Motel
Escalante Natural Bridge, Hite Marina Overlook, Natural Bridges National Monument, Monument Valley
3-4 Home "Freemont River Falls", Hickman Bridge, Cedar Breaks National Monument

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