Yosemite High Country Itinerary (4 Days)

This itinerary covered a weekend visit to Yosemite National Park, but instead of coming in from the usual entrances in the west, we focused on going in and out of the park from its "back door" over the Tioga Pass. Of course, this trip was motivated by the fact that I wanted to find the real Waterwheel Falls after having missed it the first time around on the Glen Aulin Backpacking trip done just a week earlier (something I only discovered after putting GPS tracks and waypoints on the Topo Map when I got home). I was joined by my Mom who wanted to make sure I wasn't alone as this trip was so last minute (also physically demanding) that Julie couldn't take the time off and come along. Speaking of physically demanding, I think our day hike to Waterwheel Falls and back was at least 20 miles (with over 3000ft elevation loss), which I think was our personal record for number of miles hiked in one day.

Day Overnight Activity
1 Mammoth Lakes, CA
Holiday Haus
2 Mammoth Lakes, CA
Holiday Haus
Mono Lake (South Tufa), Lee Vining Canyon Waterfalls, Olmstead Point, "Quaking Aspen Falls", Pywiack Cascade, Tenaya Lake, "Cathedral Lake Falls", Hot Creek
3 Mammoth Lakes, CA
Holiday Haus
Tuolumne Falls, White Cascade, "Mattie Falls", California Falls, LeConte Falls, Waterwheel Falls, Lee Vining Canyon Waterfalls
4 Home

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