Zion Weekend with the Parents Itinerary (3 Days)

With our waterfalling passion in full swing, I had this idea to try to time a visit to Zion National Park (and its harsh desert environment) in the hopes of seeing waterfalls. What transpired was this short weekend itinerary where we managed to see waterfalls under a rain storm. So at a time when most people might be shying away from hiking or just sightseeing, we actually embraced the wet weather and saw the park in somewhat unusual conditions which made the trip special as you can see from the itinerary below.

Day Overnight Activity
1 Springdale, UT
Bumbleberry Inn
2 Springdale, UT
Bumbleberry Inn
Hidden Canyon, Weeping Rock, Kolob Finger Canyons Overlook, Riverside Walk, Zion Canyon Waterfalls
3 Home Emerald Pools, Zion Canyon Waterfalls

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