I've seen Angel Falls from the base and the top. Breathtaking!

by Marilyn Wing
(Knoxville, Tennessee)

My husband was a bush pilot in Venezuela during the 1950s.Our planes were based in Ciudad Bolivar. We often saw Angel Falls from the cockpit of one of our single-engine Cessnas.

The most exhilarating flights, however, were those we made in a helicopter in 2004 and 2007. Our pilot hovered so close to the falls, we put our arms out the windows and felt the spray. We landed at the base where we felt gale-force winds on our faces. We landed on top of the falls and climbed up deep bog to reach a flat rock that is used by free-based parachutists who jump from the top of Angel Falls to the jungle below.

What unbelievable photos we took!

We stayed at Waku at Canaima and the helicopter (Raul Helicopters) came from its base at Santa Elena de Uairen near the Brazilian border. I'm obsessed by this part of the world. Read more about this Lost World in my new book, Blue Skies Green Hell;382 pages with 91 photos,recently released; by Marilyn Wing www.blueskiesgreenhell.com

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