Jungle Rudy's

by Elaine Corum
(Carmichael, California 95608 (U.S.A.))

I am 88 yrs old now, but when I was 50 (about?) my husband flew us in our Bonanza to Jungle Rudy's where we landed in the fields and stayed with him for a few days.

He showed us his maps so we could try to fly into the canyon by Angel Falls. It was plenty tricky because you had to go when you could see, but the sun made mist form and socked the canyon in soon after dawn.

People had tried it before us, but didn't make it. We did, and it was one of the biggest thrills of my life. I have pictures I took as we flew right past the middle of the falls. Dangerous, but worth it. Rudy said we were only the 5th plane to go in there. One or two had crashed as I recalled.

We went back to Rudy's 10 yrs later, but didn't go into the canyon again. My husband is gone now. He was a wonderful pilot and we made many more such exploits.


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Jan 14, 2018
Canaima memories
by: Uziel blumenkranz

All these comments bring lots of memories. Landing in Canaima’s landing strip with my friend Luis Alfredo López Méndez for the first time. Memories off Charles Baugham crash where he died, (1954 if I am not mistaken). Canoe trip from Kamarata to Canaima in the mid nineties. Trying to convince an upset American tourist that it was not an Avensa pilot obligation to fly through the Devil’s Canyon if he deemed it was not safe. Rudy, his wife and daughters. What memories. Such a pity that all will remain as memories. I understand that these days it is not the safest place to be feeble

Sep 26, 2013
Jungle trip in 1995
by: Anonymous

I was in Rudy's campment in 1994 before the whole world turned crazy, it was fantastic being in the jungle during the night I will never forget that journey.

Feb 09, 2013
A Pilot's Quest for Information
by: Marilyn Wing

I recently received a very nice email from a retired pilot. Years ago, he'd visited Canaima, a paradise in the Venezuelan jungle, and Angel Falls, tallest waterfalls in the world located nearby. He was pleased to learn what happened to some of the people he'd met there.

One thing I hope he learned is that Jungle Rudy did not discover the glorious paradise in the Venezuelan jungle, Canaima, as is stated in a book by Jan Brokken called Jungle Rudy. The site was discovered in the late 1940s by the American bush pilot from Harolsen, Georgia, Charlie Baughan. Charlie, like Alejandro Laime and Rudy Truffino were friends of mine.

May 20, 2012
I was a pioneer Venezuelan bush pilot's wife during the 1950's
by: Marilyn Wing

I was the wife of a Venezuelan bush pilot. He based his air service in Ciudad Bolivar in 1951. A pioneer bush pilot,his 7 aircraft air service, AEROVEN,provided service to isolated villages throughout Venezuela's deep interior. Our hangar is still at the airport in Ciudad Bolivar,and the name of the company has bled through old and faded paint. Routinely,we flew tourists to Angel Falls and Canaima.I called Jungle Rudy Truffino, Charlie Baughan and Alejandro Laime friends, and saw Angel Falls more times than I can count. I have photos I snapped during those years. More recently I charted a helicopter based at Santa Elena de Uairen near Brazil and flew from there to Angel Falls. We landed on Auyantepui above Angel Falls and at the base of the waterfalls numerous times. I am obsessed by that part of the world.

Feb 01, 2009
Brings it to Life
by: Kate, London, England

Thanks so much for that story. My son is doing a geography project on Angel Falls and this story really brings it to life! Geographical details of waterfall formation can only go so far when you're eleven years old...

Oct 08, 2008
Mundo Perdido
by: World of Waterfalls

I always wondered what it must be like at the top of Angel Falls. I'd imagine there aren't many people that have even seen let alone set foot up there in that "Lost World."

Your recollections really stir up my imagination about that pristine place. I can only imagine how special your time spent at the falls were.

Thanks for sharing!

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