Ken Foshaug (Målselvfossen)

by Ken Foshaug
(Belfair, Wa. USA)

Malselve Waterfalls - May 1997

Malselve Waterfalls - May 1997

My last name is derived from this area of Norway. Foshaug - Fos meaning waterfall and haug meaning hill. My Great-great-great grandfather moved from southern Norway to the Malselv valley in the early 1800's and built a homestead on the hill northwest of the Malselv waterfall - hence the name derivation.

I traveled to this area in 1997 and toured the entire area on both sides of the falls and was thoroughly caught up by the atmosphere that my fore fathers must have felt. My cousin once worked as a commercial fisherman on the river and told me stories of the numerous large salmon that the would catch in the lake area at the base of the falls.

I too, as mentioned in the above story, got the impression that this is more of a large area of rapids in the river rather than a waterfall.

Ken Foshaug
Belfair, Washington

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Sep 02, 2016
How Hilda and I look alike
by: Althea Thimmesch

Peter Millikan - my grandmother was Bertha Foshaug a sister to Hilda. Last summer my husband and I visited Phyllis Pierce my aunt. We were looking thru old photos of hers and found a picture of all of the sisters. Comparing the photo of Hilda and a photo of me at approximately the same age -we could have been twins.

Jul 19, 2015
Nellie May Hanks family
by: Anonymous

I was researching my wife's family who came from Norway and found this site. As I read I was astounded to see that you are related.
Her grandmother was Nellie May Hanks, whose sister was Enid, and her father was Nells. Someday I would love to take the kids and my wife to visit Norway and travel to the original homestead area. Thanks for this website.

Sep 09, 2014
Another cousin
by: Peter Millikan

My grandmother was the sister of Nels, Hilda Foshaug McKay. She grew up on the Wishkah River north of Aberdeen. Her parents were Berndt and Olena Foshaug. The family property was passed to Hilda, and subsequently to my mother, and is still in the family. Hilda met her future husband at Whitman College (class of '13), married and had six children, twenty six grandchildren. So you have lots of cousins all over Washington state now.

Peter Millikan

Sep 02, 2014
by: Roger Foshaug

hello my grandfather was lars foshaug he came from the same place as you described he came to tofield alberta canada. he passed away at a young age. he left behind a family of 7 my father was the youngest his name was talbert. hope to hear from you

Mar 06, 2012
by: Ken Foshaug

Yes Enid is my cousin, and I talked to her before my trip to Norway in 1997. I have some old photos from Norway taken by your Father, and they were a prime motivator for me to travel there. I have an extensive family history book if you are interested

Jun 23, 2011
Related ?
by: Jerry Tetzlaff

My mother's name is Enid. Born in 1911, her father's name was Nels Foshaug. He grew up in Aberdeen, WA.

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