Iguazu Falls: Activities

Entering Iguazu Falls
At Iguazu Falls, there's much more to do than walking the trails and catwalks. These activities let you experience the grand waterfalls in different and exciting ways. Other tours and excursions let you experience other aspects of the Triple Frontier area. Below is a list of some of these activities and sights (at least those that we're aware of) though this is by no means an exhaustive list.

  • Jet Boat Excursion - this thrilling joy ride cuts right through the turbulent rapids of the Río de Iguazú and right into the misty bottoms of Iguazú Falls itself. We took such a tour and it's pretty safe to say that you're going to get seriously drenched. Use the dry bag for those things you don't want to get drenched (especially electronics such as your camera). Your clothes will also get a serious soaking so we saw some people brought raincoats or waterproof clothing. Unfortunately for us, we had forgotten to wear them for our tour. Basically our cotton clothing got soaked through and given the humidity of the area, they never really dried off for the rest of the day we went touring. In any case, both the Brazil side and Argentina side run jet boat tours. We didn't do the jet boat tour on the Brazil side, but we can definitely say that on the Argentina side, we visited (i.e. practically went underneath) both the Three Musketeers waterfalls and the gushing Salto San Martín.
  • Helicopter Ride - this is not exactly the most environmentally friendly way to experience Iguazu Falls, but you do get a birds eye view of the immense falls. It's definitely something you're not going to see while walking the catwalks. Only the Brazil side offers these types of tours. Argentina doesn't run them because they feel helicopter noise disrupts the native wildlife of the region. When we did our walks, we definitely heard them (especially away from the noise of the falls like on the trail to Salto Arrechea.
  • Jungle Safaris - these types of tours are more for education and enlightenment as they take you through the subtropical rainforests of the National Park in a vehicle. A park ranger discusses various aspects of the ecosystem. You can book a tour that integrates this excursion with the exciting jet boat tour (as we had done on our trip).
  • Itaipu Dam - this controversial dam is the largest hydroelectric scheme in the world. Set between the border of Paraguay and Brazil along the Paraná River, a visit to this facility will really impress upon you the immensity and scale of the project.
  • Rappeling - adrenaline junkies take note! This excursion is basically one where you're tied to a rope and descend down a vertical cliff face on the Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls. At least you have an expert Brazilian tour guide rappeling down with you to both encourage you and to help you with your equipment.

It's worth noting that of this list of activities, we only did a combo of the Jet Boat Excursion with the Jungle Safari. Below are some photos that we took.

Looking down at a boat about to go under the Three MusketeersLooking down at a boat about to go under the Three Musketeers

Looking ahead at the Devil's Throat while on the jet boatLooking ahead at the Devil's Throat while on the jet boat

A jet boat about to enter Salto San MartinA jet boat about to enter Salto San Martin

A look at the jet boatA look at the jet boat

The dock for the jet boat tourThe dock for the jet boat tour

Somebody filming us while we were on tourSomebody filming us while we were on tour

Looking towards the Argentina side while on the boatLooking towards the Argentina side while on the boat

Getting closer to a drenchingGetting closer to a drenching. Better put the camera away!

The jet boat tour revealed this small waterfall, which I didn't recall we saw anywhere on the catwalksThe jet boat tour revealed this small waterfall, which I didn't recall we saw anywhere on the catwalks

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