Latin America Travel Stories

Machu Picchu in Peru
Welcome to the Latin America Travel Stories. Within these pages, you can read selected stories and musings about our waterfall-themed adventures in Latin America. Hopefully, you'll find these stories entertaining and educational. Perhaps you might get a good laugh at our expense, or you might find some nuggets that you can apply to your own travels.

Thumb through the travel stories below. They are arranged chronologically with the most recent escapade at the top. Enjoy :)

Kaieteur Falls (30-August 2008 to 1-September 2008)
Just Now
: We've been told that we were crazy to fly to Guyana and back over a weekend. And indeed, it taxed us mightily (mostly from lack of sleep). But ever since the moment we noticed Kaieteur Falls on a sign of the largest waterfalls in the world at Iguazu Falls this time last year, this was an itch that had to be scratched and we weren't going to be denied on this weekend... [read more]

Lower Gocta (21-April 2008 to 27-April 2008)
An Amazonian Adventure
: ...back into the familiar toilet I was hovered over and before I could do any more thinking, I threw up into the toilet bowl. The barf was a nasty blend of papaya from breakfast as well as stomach acid and bile I'm sure. It tasted nasty and all subsequent burps thereafter had a twinge of toxicity. I tried not to think about the fact that some of the toilet liquid splashed back up into my face. But at least I immediately felt better... [read more]

Machu Picchu (19-April 2008 to 21-April 2008)
Los Ojos Son Rojos (A Journey To Machu Picchu)
: "Honey. What happened to your eyes? They're red?" said Julie. I was incredulous as I wasn't aware of anything that could've made my eyes red. Immediately, I thought about a blood vessel popping in my eye, but I wondered what could've caused it this time. Hmm, perhaps it was the high altitude shock of going immediately to the 10,000ft Cusco or it was my travelers constipation (which I always get when traveling)? The last time I had Frankenstein eyes was when I threw up after a party in college. When Julie sensed I wasn't all that concerned about it, she decided to practice a bit of spanish and told me, "Los ojos son rojos." [read more]

Miami's South Beach on a beautiful New Year's Eve (28-December 2007 to 31-December 2007)
So Random
: Someone kept yelling "Johnny!" in the distance. I didn't really give it a second thought because there are many people named Johnny. But when the yell got louder and I looked up, I was shocked to see who was standing before me. "Oh, what?!?" I said in disbelief. [read more]

Approaching the Torres del Paine in Chilean Patagonia on a beautiful Christmas Day (24-December 2007 to 27-December 2007)
A PAINeful Christmas
: I knew from the German couple's description last night about this last section of the trail. So we decided to take a break and have our boxed lunch within the shade of some sheltering trees just before the trail climbed further up past their end. Having consumed the rather ordinary roast beef sandwich with plenty of water to wash it down and a few pieces of chocolate, we got up and proceeded to climb up the jumble of large boulders. It didn't take long before the "trail" revealed the context of the climb that was before us. "Oh my god," said Julie incredulously. "We have to climb that?!?" [read more]

Trekking before Fitz Roy Peaks in Argentinean Patagonia (19-December 2007 to 23-December 2007)
"Nothing in Patagonia is Easy"
: Apparently, we didn't tip the taxi driver enough as he began to drive off even though it started to become apparent that no one was going to be reachable at the Budget office. But before he did so, we rolled down the window and said, "Nothing is easy in Patagonia, eh?" Perhaps he knew we were in for a hard time. In any case, he pulled away and drove off. Even at Julie's urging, I waved at the taxi driver, but he kept driving away. So here we were at the start of our trip in the outskirts of a town unfamiliar to us with our luggage, no rental car, a foul mood, and our trip in serious jeopardy... [read more]

Angel Falls (18-November 2007 to 23-November 2007)
Do You Have Your Vouchers?
: As I awoke from my nap after being lulled to sleep by the vibrations of the Cessna's engine, it was clear that we had left the dramatic tepuys behind and headed back to civilization. It wasn't long after when the small plane's engine sputtered and then stopped. The plane then started to descend. Everyone in the plane except the pilot (including that Puerto Ordaz-bound couple left behind by their plane in Canaima) looked around wondering if this was it... [read more]

Iguazu Falls from Isla San Martin (30-August 2007 to 3-September 2007)
La Catarata Loca
: The boat raced upstream through the turbulent rapids - certainly waters you wouldn't want to be swimming in. Though the driver was fully in control, there was always that fear of capsizing because there was something maniacal about the way he drove. Screams were heard all around us as if we were in some rollercoaster ride. The Kiwi guy sitting behind me kept yelling to no one in particular, "To the extreme!" [read more]

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