Likeke Falls - Easier path

by Rick Bernico
(Honolulu, Hawaii)

I am a professional photographer and was turned onto this waterfall by a local tour company which took hikers up to Likeke waterfall on a daily basis.

There are a number of companies who do this.

The easier way to get up to the falls is from below through the Koolau Golf course. As people drive into the golf course the club house can be seen to the right with the parking lot straight ahead. Instead of turning right, stay left and park as far away from the club house as possible. The beginning of the path is there through a maintenance road to a water catchment tank.

Just before the tank is a path on the left that will take people up to the falls. It is only a 15 - 20 minute hike and some of the stretches can be a little steep but safe. As we walk the path it will remind people of the scene in Indiana Jones where the round boulder chased after Indy.

About 10 minutes up the path we hit the stone road and almost immediately to the right is the large opening to the trail that will take us up to the falls. This will be the muddiest and steepest part of the hike but still easy to walk.

Once up to the waterfall the path continues on for a few miles to the Hoomaluhia Botanical Gardens. The falls are beautiful and have multiple levels that include two small pools. The falls themselves are much higher than 15 feet, however.

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Sep 29, 2012
nice water fall
by: Anonymous

Rick has it right...easier path and shorter.

May 17, 2012
let's do it!
by: Anonymous

Gonna try this way tomorrow, hope it's easier than the longer way :D

Mar 18, 2011
Clarification on trail
by: All the way from TN

My son and I did the trail yesterday. We went by your directions and after 45 min to an hour later we finally ran into a man and his two kids, he had no clue where the falls was but said he knew it was no where around where we were.

We then went back down the hill under several bridges or overpasses for vehicles and on the way down saw an opening. The opening was not on a rock road which we eventually reached while going way to far, but was a rock path.

For those who hike to this falls in the future, look for a large white tree on the right side of the path with names and initals carved into it.

If you will turn right at that point, then you will be headed in the right direction and the falls is only about a 150 to 200 yards up that path.

I will say that the water was really cold and felt good on our overheated bodies. We made sure not to get any in our mouths though as we have heard most of the falls have bacteria in them.

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