Fairy Falls

Fairy Falls is a series of waterfalls (the largest being 15m) accessed on an upside-down hike with Kauri Trees taking us 90 minutes near Auckland, New Zealand.

Hunua Falls

Hunua Falls is a 30m plunge waterfall on the Wairoa River over a basalt lava plug, which was a popular spot for picnicking and swimming in Auckland Region’s SE.

Kitekite Falls

Kitekite Falls is a 40m multi-tiered waterfall in the Waitakere Range near Piha Beach reachable by a 1-hour return walk in the Auckland Region, New Zealand.

Karekare Falls

Karekare Falls is an attractive 25m waterfall spilling into a serene plunge pool by a picnic area near Karekare Beach in the Waitakere Range of Auckland, NZ.