Owharoa Falls

Owharoa Falls (Waikino) is an easy-to-visit 10-15m waterfall where we saw a handful of Maori locals doing cliff jumps. It’s situated near Paeroa, New Zealand.

Te Wairoa Falls

Te Wairoa Falls (also called Wairere Falls) was our waterfalling excuse to check out the tragic Buried Village of Te Wairoa. Like the ancient Roman city of Pompeii being buried by the pyroclastic…

Kakahi Falls

Kakahi Falls is a 12m geothermally-heated waterfall surrounded by mud volcanos, acidic lakes, and colourful springs in the Hell’s Gate Reserve near Rotorua.

Tarawera Falls

Tarawera Falls is a 35m waterfall emerging like springs from fissures and cracks in the vertical cliffs by Lake Tarawera reachable by a 350m track near Kawerau.

McLaren Falls and “Marshall Falls”

McLaren Falls and Marshall Falls are two different waterfalls in close proximity to each other. McLaren Falls is regulated and Marshall Falls is a short walk.

Kaiate Falls (Te Rerekawau)

Kaiate Falls (or Te Rerekawau in Maori) consists of a 25m 3-tiered upper falls and a 10m lower falls accessed by a loop bush walk near Tauranga, New Zealand.

Wairere Falls

Wairere Falls is a 153m waterfall towering over the Waikato Plains between Te Aroha and Matamata in the Kaimai-Mamaku Range in Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.