Linville Falls

Linville Falls is a multi-tiered waterfall (40ft over the largest drop) spilling into Linville Gorge accessed from the Blue Ridge Parkway via NPS and NF trails.

Crabtree Falls

Crabtree Falls is a 70ft waterfall on Big Crabtree Creek accessed by a 2-mile round-trip hike from the Blue Ridge Parkway by Little Switzerland, North Carolina.

Glassmine Falls

Glassmine Falls is a thin and temporary 800ft waterfall seen from a signed overlook and pullout on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville, North Carolina.

Upper Falls (Graveyard Fields)

Upper Falls in the Graveyard Fields is a 60-70ft waterfall that was a little trickier to access than the Second Falls, but it was also less busier as a result.

Second Falls (Lower Falls)

Second Falls (Lower Falls) is a a 60ft waterfall on the Yellowstone Prong and is the easiest falls to access in the Graveyard Fields on NC’s Blue Ridge Parkway.