Cascata Tervela

Cascata Tervela is a 50m two-tiered waterfall fronting Monte Pana visible from the SS242, but best seen on walks from the town of Santa Cristina di Val Gardena.

Cascate del Pisciadu

Cascate del Pisciadu (Cascate del Pisciadù or Pisciadu Waterfalls) is an 80m waterfall tumbling in a crevice within the Dolomite near Colfosco, Corvara, Italy.

Cascate di Riva (Reinbachfalle)

Le Cascate di Riva (Riva Waterfalls or Reinbachfälle in German) consist of at least 3 waterfalls on a holy forested trail near Winkel by Campos Tures, Italy.

Cascate di Barbiano (Barbianer Wasserfalle)

Le Cascate di Barbiano (Barbiano Waterfalls; also Barbianer Wasserfälle in German) consist of 3 main waterfalls of which the tallest is 85m in Barbiano, Italy.

Cascata di Parcines (Wasserfall Partschinser)

Cascata di Parcines (Parcines Waterfall or Wasserfall Partschinser in German) is a 98m waterfall making it one of the tallest in the Alto Adige region of Italy.