Ohau Falls

Ohau Falls is a thin 25-30m waterfall that we accessed on a short 10-minute walk from the coast in a New Zealand fur seal habitat near the town of Kaikoura.

Wakefield Falls

Wakefield Falls is perhaps the most prominent of the named waterfalls in the Mt Cook (Aoraki) area that we saw from the road as we drove to the Tasman Glacier.

Acland Falls

Acland Falls is an intimate 14m waterfall at the head of a secluded gorge in the lush Peel Forest (Tarahaoa) near Geraldine reached by a 1-hour return walk.

Emily Falls

Emily Falls is a 5-10m waterfall in the Peel Forest near Geraldine, which we experienced on a 90 minutes return bush walk with a 90-minute option to Rata Falls.

Ryde Falls

Ryde Falls is a five-tiered waterfall of which we saw two of them (the rest were hidden in overgrowth) reachable by a 100-minute hike near the Wharfdale Track.

Devil’s Punchbowl Falls

Devils Punchbowl Falls is a 131m falls (one of New Zealand’s tallest) seen from Arthur’s Pass Village but best seen on Devils Punchbowl Track or Scotts Track.

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls is an elusive waterfall north of Arthur’s Pass Village best seen from Scotts Track as opposed to the Bridal Veil Track in Canterbury, NZ.

Avalanche Creek Falls

Avalanche Creek Falls is a side waterfall visible in Arthur’s Pass Village, but it’s really my waterfalling excuse to talk about the Avalanche Peak Track.

Twin Creek Falls and Reid Falls

Twin Creek Falls and Reid Falls are a pair of waterfalls the Otira Viaduct. Reid Falls is modified by rock slides while Twin Creek Falls is by the Temple Basin.