Sheep Creek Cascade

The Sheep Creek Cascade is a series of small waterfalls on Sheep Creek seen on the Don Cecil Trail in the Cedar Grove section of Kings Canyon National Park.

Mist Falls

Mist Falls is a 45ft waterfall in California’s Cedar Grove section of Kings Canyon National Park en route to Paradise Valley on an 8-mile round-trip hike.

Grizzly Falls

Grizzly Falls is a roadside waterfall dropping 75ft into a picnic area right by Kings Canyon National Park’s Cedar Grove. It’s misty in Spring, but calms down in Summer.

Roaring River Falls

Roaring River Falls is a 15ft waterfall where we found less is more. It’s a misty mess in the Spring, but in Summer, it spills into an emerald-colored pool.

Waterfalls on Kings Canyon Highway

The Kings Canyon Highway (Hwy 180) between Grant Grove and Cedar Grove passes through some rugged canyon scenery carved out mostly by the Kings River. There are waterfalls…