Upper Hot Spring Canyon Falls

The Upper Hot Spring Canyon Falls were a series of accessible seasonal waterfalls in perhaps Orange County’s most remote part of the Santa Ana Mountains…

Chiquito Falls (Lion Canyon Falls)

Chiquito Falls (or Lion Canyon Falls) was a small waterfall near the Ortega Highway that required quite a bit of effort to reach. Was the effort worth it?

Black Star Canyon Falls

Black Star Canyon Falls is a seasonal waterfall with a bloody past reached by a difficult 7.5-mile hike and scramble in the Santa Ana Mountains near Irvine, CA.

Falls Canyon Falls (“Hidden Falls”)

Falls Canyon Falls (‘Hidden Falls’) is an elusive 40ft elusive and easily-overlooked waterfall in an unmarked side canyon of Trabuco Canyon in Orange County.

Three Sisters Falls

Three Sisters Falls is a 150ft three-drop waterfall that is probably San Diego County’s second-most popular waterfall, but it is by no means an easy hike!

Cottonwood Creek Falls

Cottonwood Creek Falls is a series of small waterfalls and slides about 10-15ft each hidden away in the desert-like terrain near Pine Valley east of San Diego.

San Juan Falls

San Juan Falls is a small temporary falls that’s hard to get a good look at, but it’s quite close to the Ortega Highway by the Ortega Oaks Candy Store.

Holy Jim Falls

Holy Jim Falls is a short seasonal waterfall in Orange County’s Trabuco Canyon with a trail that crosses the creek many times and a rough road to the trailhead.

Tenaja Falls

Tenaja Falls is a 150ft multi-drop seasonal waterfall reached by a 1.5-mile round-trip hike flanked by wildflowers to pools at the top after a long crossing.

Ortega Falls

Ortega Falls is a popular 35ft seasonal waterfall with additional downstream cascades accessed by a 1/4-mile scramble from the Ortega Highway near Lake Elsinore

Cedar Creek Falls

Cedar Creek Falls is an 80ft seasonal waterfall in San Diego County that can be accessed by two different trailheads each 6 miles round-trip requiring permits.

Mildred Falls

Mildred Falls was an ephemeral waterfall that appeared to have a very short life. I’ve witnessed this waterfall on two separate occasions, where the first time I showed up was on the second dry day…

Kitchen Creek Falls

Kitchen Creek Falls is a 150ft seasonal waterfall sitting within the typically hot and dry deserts about 50 miles east of San Diego off the Pacific Crest Trail.