Faxi, Studlafoss, and the Laugarfell Waterfalls

Faxi, Stuðlafoss, and the Laugará Waterfalls near Laugarfell make up part of the waterfall circle, and they were the big surprise of our August 2021 trip.


Slaedufoss (Slæðufoss) was a roadside waterfall just a short scramble away from the unpaved Laugarfellsvegur Road on the waterfall-laced Laugará Stream.


Strutsfoss (Strútsfoss) is a towering two-tiered waterfall (20m and 100m) on the Strútsá Stream tucked deep in the Villingadalur arm of Suðurdalur Valley.


Hengifoss is a scenic 118m tall waterfall with red strata overlooking Lagarfljót near Egilsstaðir. Its trail also yielded bonus waterfalls like Litlanesfoss


Jonsfoss is an obscure small waterfall that we noticed near the turnoff for the road heading up into the highlands towards controversial Kárahnjúkar Dam.