Sambuyeon Falls (sambuyeon pokpo [삼부연폭포])

Sambuyeon Falls (삼부연폭포; Sambueyon Pokpo) is a 20m high three-tiered waterfall plunging from a steep granite notch on Mt Myeongseong’s slopes near Pocheon.

Jiktang Falls (jiktang pokpo [직탕폭포])

Jiktang Falls (직탕폭포; Jiktang Pokpo) is a wide river waterfall (which is quite rare in South Korea) on the Hantangang River near the North Korean border.

Jaein Falls (jaein pokpo [재인폭포])

Jaein Falls (재인폭포; Jaein Pokpo) is a plunging basalt waterfall with different ways to experience it like a suspension bridge, an overhanging deck, and more.