Cascade d’Arpenaz

Cascade d’Arpenaz is a well-situated 270m plunging waterfall surrounded by the high peaks of the French Alps easily seen in an open valley near Mt Blanc, France

Cascade de Berard

Cascade de Berard was the lone waterfall on our France trip where we didn’t get to see it properly after hiking to it due to trail closures alongside its drop.

Cascade d’Angon

Cascade d’Angon is a 35m waterfall fronted by a smaller waterfall forming an arch through which its cliff-hugging trail passes behind near Annecy, France.

Cascade de Seythenex

Cascade de Seythenex is a 45m waterfall by a cave causing the venue to also be called Le Grotte et Cascade de Seythenex) in the French Alps near Lake Annecy.