Mary Jane Falls

Mary Jane Falls is a 200-300ft tall waterfall near some small caves reached by a 3-mile RT hike in the high altitude of Mt Charleston near Las Vegas, Nevada.

Little Falls

Little Falls is a 30ft waterfall near Cathedral Rock on Mt Charleston where I had to figure out how to ignore the false paths in order to reach the falls.

“Medium Falls”

‘Medium Falls’ is what I’m calling this tall and surprising waterfall sitting in between Little Falls and Big Falls in Kyle Canyon near Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sardine Falls

Sardine Falls (also Sardine Creek Falls) is a 75ft high elevation waterfall reached by a 2.5-mile RT hike with a creek crossing near Bridgeport, California.

Kings Canyon Falls

Kings Canyon Falls is a 30ft waterfall in the driest state in the United States near Carson City reached after a brief hike with other falls further upstream.

Leavitt Falls

Leavitt Falls is an attractive multi-tiered 200ft waterfall that is a roadside stop with a vista, convenient picnic tables, and even having cell service!