Twin Falls

Twin Falls is a pair of waterfalls best seen after rain from a lookout along the walking track beyond the Fitzroy Falls Lookouts in Morton National Park.

Fitzroy Falls

Fitzroy Falls is waterfall on Yarrunga Creek leaping 80m plunge off an escarpment viewed from lookouts on a short walking track in Morton National Park.

Minnamurra Falls

Minnamurra Falls is a pair of waterfalls with the upper falls being accessible via a 1-2-hour well-marked loop track in Budderoo National Park near Kiama.

Carrington Falls

Carrington Falls is a 50m plunge waterfall draining the Illawarra Highlands into the Kangaroo River accessed by short walks to lookouts and picnic areas.

Belmore Falls

Belmore Falls is a 100m pair of plunge waterfalls on Barrengarry Creek in the Illawarra experienced by from a distance by short walks to a couple lookouts.