Onion Valley Waterfalls

The Onion Valley Waterfalls are the cascades draining the many lakes of Onion Valley between Kearsarge Pass and Independence in an Eastern Sierra backpack trek.

Moonlight Falls

Moonlight Falls is one of those Eastern Sierra waterfalls that’s more of an incidental side attraction in an area more known for 14,000ft peaks and alpine lakes

“Shadow Falls”

‘Shadow Falls’ or Shadow Lake Falls is a cascading waterfall draining Shadow Lake, which is landmark for longer backpacks to Ediza Lake or Thousand Island Lake.

Big Pine Creek Waterfalls

The Big Pine Creek Waterfalls primarily consist of First Falls and Second Falls but also include other backcountry cascades on the North Fork of Big Pine Creek.

Lundy Canyon Waterfalls

The Lundy Canyon Waterfalls page is my homage to the myriad of waterfalls and wildflowers that we’ve seen in the scenic Lundy Canyon on an epic 6-mile hike.

Horsetail Falls

Horsetail Falls on the McGee Creek Trail in Inyo County might resemble a horse’s tail in high flow. It sits beneath Red and White Mountain near Mammoth Lakes.

Twin Falls

Twin Falls is a reportedly 250ft waterfall draining Lake Mamie as it tumbles into the Twin Lakes near Mammoth Lakes (a resort area better known for skiing).

Minaret Falls

Minaret Falls is a 150ft spreading cascade (some say 300ft) just outside the boundaries of the Devils Postpile National Monument accessed by a 3-mile hike.