Pearl Shoal Waterfall (珍珠滩瀑布 [Zhēnzhū Tán Pùbù])

Pearl Shoal Waterfall (珍珠滩瀑布) is a 21m tall 163m wide limestone falls considered to be the most beautiful in China’s Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve (九寨沟自然保护区).

Nuorilang Waterfall (诺日朗瀑布 [Nuòrìlǎng Pùbù])

Nuorilang Waterfall (诺日朗瀑布) is a 20m tall 320m wide and well-known travertine falls in Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve in the Sichuan Province in China’s southwest.

Shuzheng Waterfall (树正瀑布 [Shùzhēng Pùbù])

Shuzheng Waterfall (树正瀑布) is a wide waterfall on the Zechawa River segmented by lots of foliage growing in the watercourse itself in China’s Jiuzhaigou Reserve.