Motor Car Falls (Yurmikmik)

Motor Car Falls is one of the few waterfalls that you can actually hike to during the Wet Season in Kakadu National Park, but it trickles in the Dry Season.

Barramundi Falls (Maguk)

Barramundi Falls (or Maguk) is a waterfall with a huge Dry Season swimming hole accessed by a washboarded 4wd road and 1km hike in Kakadu National Park.

Jim Jim Falls

Jim Jim Falls (Barrkmalam) is a 200m plunge waterfall in Kakadu National Park experienced by a rugged 4wd road or from the air, but performs best in the Wet.

Gunlom Falls

Gunlom Falls is a 30m waterfall in Kakadu National Park with swimming holes both below and above its drop, accessed by a long unsealed road and short walk.

Twin Falls

Twin Falls is a series of waterfalls in Kakadu National Park dropping 180m with good flow in the Wet but better access in the Dry. It sits past Jim Jim Falls.

Double Falls

Double Falls is an unexpected waterfall sitting in the Death Adder Valley in the Top End as it we saw it during our air tour over Twin Falls and Jim Jim Falls.