Dajin Waterfall (大津瀑布 [Dàjīn Pùbù])

Dajin Waterfall (大津瀑布; Dajin Falls) is a 25-30m falls in the Maolin Scenic Area reached by a 1.6km return hike with a temple and overlook in Southern Taiwan.

Qingrengu Waterfall (情人谷瀑布 [Qíngréngǔ Pùbù]; Lover’s Gorge Waterfall)

Qingrengu Waterfall (情人谷瀑布; Qingrengu Falls) is a 15m and 25m pair of waterfalls reached by a short walk in the Maolin National Scenic Area in Southern Taiwan.

Maolin Valley Waterfall (茂林谷瀑布 [Màolíngǔ Pùbù])

Maolin Valley Waterfall (茂林谷瀑布; Maolin Falls) is a 25m falls on an Indiana Jones-like hike over suspension bridges and along cliff ledges in Maolin NSA, Taiwan.

Kayoufeng Waterfall (卡悠峰瀑布 [Kǎyōufēng Pùbù]) or Neishi Waterfall (內獅瀑布 [Nèishī Pùbù])

Kayoufeng Waterfall (卡悠峰瀑布; Kayoufeng Falls) is a 40m waterfall providing welcome relief against the tropical humidity of Southern Taiwan, and thus my favorite.

Liangshan Waterfall (涼山瀑布 [Liángshān Pùbù])

Liangshan Waterfall (涼山瀑布; Liangshan Falls) is 3 waterfalls on the Niujiaowan Stream with 20m, 5m, and 30m drops, respectively, reached on a muggy 4.6km hike.