Upper Zuma Falls

Upper Zuma Falls could very well sit on our Top 10 Southern California Waterfalls list if not for its unreliable flow meaning you’ll need to time your visit

Whitney Canyon Falls

Whitney Canyon Falls can be fun and scary since it requires a rough scramble to climb up its cascading tiers. It starts with an on-trail hike near Newhall.

Allison Gulch Falls

Allison Gulch Falls is a very elusive 80-100ft waterfall on a side tributary that feeds the East Fork San Gabriel River (famous for the Bridge to Nowhere).

Bridge To Nowhere Waterfalls

The Bridge To Nowhere Waterfalls refer to the cascades and swimming holes beyond the famous bridge, which gave us the perfect excuse to do this popular hike.

Lower Fox Canyon Falls (Lower Falls Of The Fox)

Lower Fox Canyon Falls is the lowermost of the hidden waterfalls of Fox Canyon (a tributary of Big Tujunga Canyon), a place typically visited by canyoneers.

Devils Gulch Falls

Devils Gulch Falls is a waterfall near the Bridge to Nowhere in the Sheep Mountain Wilderness. Its hidden location means most people don’t know about it.

Fall Creek Falls

Fall Creek Falls is a seasonal multi-tiered waterfall in a section of Big Tujunga Canyon that harbored surprising autumn colors even in the month of January!

Josephine Creek Falls

Josephine Creek Falls (Josephine Falls) is an elusive 180ft seasonal waterfall hiding beneath a hanging ravine beneath Josephine Peak in Big Tujunga Canyon.

The Grotto Falls

The Circle X Ranch Grotto Falls is really a series of small waterfalls concealed by confined volcanic boulders, which give rise to the namesake ‘Grotto’.

Rubio Canyon Falls

Rubio Canyon Falls is a series of seasonal waterfalls with a bit of a checkered past nestled within a steep canyon in the foothills of the San Gabriels.

Santa Ynez Falls

Santa Ynez Falls is a 20ft waterfall with a 2.4-mile hike and rocky stream scramble starting between Pacific Palisades residences in Topanga State Park, CA.

Placerita Creek Falls

Placerita Creek Falls (Los Pinetos Waterfall) is a 25ft seasonal cascade reached by a 2.4-mile hike & scramble near Placerita Canyon State Park by Newhall

Buckhorn Falls

Buckhorn Falls is a seasonal 70ft waterfall near Cooper Canyon Falls and PCT in Angeles National Forest, but it required an awkward stream scramble to access.

Bailey Canyon Falls

Bailey Canyon Falls is a 30ft very temporary waterfall that is more of a side attraction to the Jones Peak hike in the foothills of Sierra Madre, California.

Hermit Falls

Hermit Falls is a 40ft waterfall in Big Santa Anita Canyon near Arcadia downstream of the popular Sturtevant Falls, requiring a 3-mile hike and risky scramble.

Fish Canyon Falls

Fish Canyon Falls is an 80ft (maybe more) waterfall reached by a hike 5.2-mile hike with spotty trailhead access largely due to man-made impacts in Azusa, CA.

Temescal Canyon Falls

Temescal Canyon Falls is a short seasonal waterfall that’s more of a water play spot or side attraction on a longer hike to coastal views in Pacific Palisades.

Newton Canyon Falls

Newton Canyon Falls is a 25ft moss-fringed seasonal waterfall in the Santa Monica Mountains that we encountered after a short hike and scramble near Malibu.

Escondido Falls

Escondido Falls is a popular 200ft waterfall over at least 2 main drops accessed by a creek-crossing hike of 3.5-4 miles round-trip past residences in Malibu.

Cooper Canyon Falls

Cooper Canyon Falls is a 40-50ft waterfall that’s close to the LA Basin as the crow flies but not such a close drive and hike deep in the Angeles Forest.