Krunefossen and the Kjenndalen Waterfalls

Krunefossen is a 220-480m waterfall growing with the melting Krunebreen Glacier, which is by Kjenndalsbreen Glacier at the head of Kjenndalen by Loen, Norway.


Ramnefjellsfossen is one of the tallest waterfalls in Norway said to be 500-800m, but it had a tragic history due to rockfalls-induced tsunamis in Lovatnet.

Hoysteinfossen, Huldrefossen, and the Bodalen Waterfalls

Hoysteinfossen (Høysteinfossen; “HUHY-styen-foss-un”; meaning High Stone Falls) and the Bodalen Waterfalls (Bødalen) were my waterfalling excuses to talk about a little detour that Julie and I took…