Sognefjell Waterfalls

The Sognefjell Waterfalls page is where I feature the falls that we noticed during our drive on the Sognefjellet Route in the heart of Norway’s Jotunheimen NP.


Drivandefossen (Krekafossen) is a 50m waterfall on the Åsetelvi in the valley Mørkrisdalen, which I reached on a sweaty, uphill 2km hike near Skjolden, Norway.

Asafossen (“Vassbakkfossen”), “Liingafossen”, and the Waterfalls of Skjolden and Fortunsdalen

Asafossen (Åsafossen) is a prominent waterfall upstream of the scenic town of Skjolden as part of the memoral Sognefjell Alpine Road in Vestland, Norway.


Mordolefossen (Mordølefossen) is a high an obscure waterfall noticeable across the Lustrafjord between Skjolden and Luster in Vestland County, Norway.


Feigefossen is an unregulated waterfall by the Lustrafjord near Skjolden dropping 218m in a single leap making it the second tallest such waterfall in Norway.

Geisfossen, Ryefossen, and the Jostedalen Waterfalls

Geisfossen is a series of four segmented side-by-side waterfalls in the Jostedal Valley. It is one of several waterfalls in the valley, including Ryefossen.