Buck Gulch Falls (Fairway Falls)

Buck Gulch Falls is a 15ft waterfall nestled behind a quiet neighborhood in the Ignacio Valley Preserve, which itself sat in the North Bay suburb of Novato.

Ken Harth Waterfall

The Ken Harth Waterfall was basically a neighborhood waterfall within the Indian Valley Preserve easily accessed through the College of Marin in Novato.

Pacheco Creek Falls

Pacheco Creek Falls was really a series of small and seasonal waterfalls draining the limited catchment of Big Rock Ridge within the Pacheco Valle Preserve.

Stairstep Falls

Stairstep Falls is a 40ft seasonal waterfall on a 2.4-mile RT hike that proved to be elusive in Samuel P. Taylor State Park in Marin County, California.

Dawn Falls

Dawn Falls is a seasonal 30ft waterfall at the head of Baltimore Canyon in Marin County reached by two trails – a lower redwood rail and an upper fire road.

Cataract Falls

Cataract Falls is a set of 7-9 waterfalls on Cataract Creek starting near the Laurel Dell and eventually spilling into the man-made Alpine Lake in Marin County.

Carson Falls

Carson Falls is a 150ft five-tiered waterfall reached by an up-and-down hike on open roads with views of the north end of the San Francisco Bay in Marin County.

Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls is a 20ft waterfall with good flow on a two-mile round-trip hike in the suburban-fringed Elliott Nature Preserve in Fairfax in Marin County.

Alamere Falls

Alamere Falls is a multi-drop waterfall with its last 50ft spilling onto a secluded beach accessed by an 8.5-mile round-trip hike in Point Reyes near Bolinas.