“Glacier Point Falls”

“Glacier Point Falls” is the informal name I’m giving to this very short-lived waterfall. In all the years I’ve visited Yosemite and hiked the John Muir Trail, I never…

“Cathedral Lake Falls”

Cathedral Lake Falls is a name I made up for this easy-to-miss waterfall on the Tioga Road just before the Pywiack Dome. It doesn’t look like it’s accessible by normal means…

Lee Vining Canyon Waterfalls

The Lee Vining Canyon Waterfalls are waterfalls tumbling into the steep, avalanche-prone area that links the Tioga Pass Entrance of Yosemite to the Mono Lake Basin. Given the volume of snow here…

“Quaking Aspen Falls”

Quaking Aspen Falls is a name I made up for a roadside waterfall on the Tioga Road near a sign keyed to Quaking Aspens according to the Yosemite Road Guide…

California Falls

California Falls is one of the cascades on the Tuolumne River downstream of Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp en route to Waterwheel Falls in Yosemite National Park.

LeConte Falls

LeConte Falls is a long series of cascades on the Tuolumne River often mistaken for Waterwheel Falls because it has waterwheels on its steepest section.

Waterwheel Falls

Waterwheel Falls is a sloping cascade on the Tuolumne River with a giant waterwheel that is often mistaken with LeConte Falls a short distance upstream.

“Mattie Falls”

Mattie Falls is another waterfall that I unofficially named. Ordinarly, I’d disregard unknown and unnamed falls like this, but if it floods the Waterwheel Falls Trail it deserves attention…

Tuolumne Falls

Tuolumne Falls is the first major waterfall on the Tuolumne River that we encountered along the epic Waterwheel Falls hike near Glen Aulin Camp in Yosemite.

White Cascade (Glen Aulin Falls)

The White Cascade (or Glen Aulin Falls) is a 50ft waterfall on the Tuolumne River next to the Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp in the Yosemite backcountry.

Lehamite Falls

Lehamite Falls is an often-overlooked waterfall situated close to Yosemite Falls in Indian Canyon near Yosemite Village. It is tall but has a short season.

Widow’s Tears

Widows Tears suffers from a case of mistaken identity with the neighboring Silver Strand Falls. On top of that, it’s not a particularly easy waterfall to spot…

Foresta Falls

Foresta Falls is a pleasant yet unsung and off-the-beaten-path waterfall surprises in Yosemite National Park. It has a drop of 60-100ft above Merced Canyon.

“Tamarack Creek Falls”

“Tamarack Creek Falls” is the unofficial name I’m using for the cascade that tumbles alongside the Upper Cascades. It’s quite a scene coming out of the last tunnel on Big Oak Flat…

“El Capitan Falls”

The ephemeral “El Capitan Falls” is noticed mostly by rock climbers at Camp 4 or by hikers on the Yosemite Falls Trail. I’ve unofficially named this waterfall since I’ve seen this name in the…

“Mirror Lake Falls”

“Mirror Lake Falls” tumbles from the Basket Dome vicinity to the base of Tenaya Canyon near Mirror Lake. Although it has a very short season, it surprised me how big it was…

Horsetail Falls

Horsetail Falls is a seasonal waterfall made famous by Galen Rowell’s ‘Natural Firefall’ photograph, which has blown up and gone viral in the internet.

Snow Creek Falls

Snow Creek Falls is an elusive 2140ft waterfall in Tenaya Canyon, which can only be seen from the summit of Half Dome – an epic 16-mile hike gaining 4000ft.

Pywiack Cascade

Pywiack Cascade (also called Slide Falls) is an elusive sliding 600ft waterfall at the head of the rugged Tenaya Canyon so not many people know about it.

Alder Creek Falls

Alder Creek Falls probably gets my vote as the truly “secret” or “hidden” waterfall of Yosemite dropping 100-150ft and requiring an 8-mile hike to reach.