Mulafoss (Múlafoss) is one of many waterfalls by this name, but this one sits under an overlook of the scenic Seyðisfjörður near the pass at Fjarðarheiði.

Studlafoss (Studlagil Canyon)

Studlafoss (Stuðlafoss) is a waterfall that greets hikers for the Stuðlagil Canyon trail, which was made possible by the controversial Kárahnjúkar Project.

Nykurhylsfoss (Fossarfoss, Sveinsstekksfoss)

Nykurhylsfoss (Sveinsstekksfoss or Fossárdafoss) was a hidden waterfall that surprised us with its view across the Berufjörður in the southeast of Iceland.


Folaldafoss was a quaint waterfall in a remote area of the Eastfjords upslope from Berufjörður along the infamous Axarvegur Road, which leads up to Öxi Pass

Snaedalsfoss (Hamarsafoss)

Snædalsfoss (or Hamarsafoss) was a obscure waterfall that we saw while driving the Ring Road through the Eastfjords of Southeast Iceland near Djúpivogur.


Fardagafoss was a conspicuous waterfall with a cave and bonus waterfall both of which are upslope from the town of Egilsstaðir on the road to Seyðisfjörður.


Gufufoss is the largest of the many waterfalls upslope of Seyðisfjörður. In addition to its size, it stood out with its block shape and namesake mist thrown up.

Budararfoss and the Seydisfjordur Waterfalls

Buðarárfoss and the Seyðisfjörður Waterfalls page is my acknowledgement of the many waterfalls here, but a landslide compelled me to single out one of them.


Rjukandi are conspicuous waterfalls along the Ring Road in East Iceland that have gotten more attention lately due to the popularity of Stuðlagil Canyon…


Lagarfoss was once a river waterfall in the east of Iceland before a dam finished in 1975 and completely diverted its flow away from its natural course.