Zengoro Waterfall (Zengoro-no-taki [善五郎の滝])

Zengoro Waterfall (善五郎の滝; Zengoro Falls) is a 30m waterfall on the Koonogawa River with Mt Norikura as a backdrop in the famed Norikura Highlands of Japan.

Sanbon Waterfall (Sanbon-daki [三本滝])

Sanbon Waterfall (三本滝; Sanbon Falls) was a three-piece waterfall each 50-60m in height reached by a 1.8km loop in the Norikura Highlands near Matsumoto, Japan.

Ryujin Waterfall (Ryujin-no-taki [竜神の滝])

Ryujin Waterfall (竜神の滝; Ryujin Falls) is a seeping spring waterfall tumbling besides a road by the famous Shirahone Onsen Hot Springs area in Norikura, Japan.

Bandokoro Waterfall (Bandokoro Otaki [番所大滝])

Bandokoro Waterfall (番所大滝; Bandokoro Falls) is a 40m falls on Koonogawa reached on a short walk that we extended to see other falls nearby near Matsumoto, Japan