Ringedalsfossen, Tyssestrengene, and the Trolltunga Waterfalls

Ringedalsfossen (420m) & Tyssestrengene (646m) are two named but regulated waterfalls that can be seen on the popular 20km Trolltunga hike near Odda, Norway.


Espelandsfossen is one of a handful of major waterfalls in the waterfall-laced Odda Valley between Skare and Odda all seen from the Rv13 in Vestland, Norway.


Latefossen (Låtefossen) is easily the most popular and dramatic of the waterfalls in Oddadalen (the Odda Valley) with a 165m twin falls in Vestland, Norway.


Vidfoss is a large (allegedly 300m) waterfall with an unusual inverted shape in the waterfall-laced Odda Valley between Odda and Skare in Vestland, Norway.


Strondsfossen is the another Odda Valley Waterfall just south of the town of Odda fed by the Folgefonna Glacier and visible from the Rv13 in Vestland, Norway.


Tjornadalsfossen (Tjørnadalsfossen) is a towering waterfall opposite Strondsfossen in the Odda Valley visible by a couple of trails leading to a hill fort.

AEdnafossen and the Folgefonna Waterfalls

AEdnafossen (Ædnafossen) is a 175-200m bulbous waterfall spilling into the southern arm of the Hardangerfjord seen from the Rv13 near Odda and Tyssedal, Norway.