McLean Falls

McLean Falls is a 22m waterfall making it one of the tallest in the Catlins Forest Park by the Southern Scenic Drive in the Otago Region of New Zealand.

Matai Falls

Matai Falls is a quaint but attractive 10m waterfall with a neighboring companion called Horseshoe Falls in the Catlins reachable by a 35-minute return track.

Purakaunui Falls

Purakaunui Falls is a three-tiered 15m waterfall that is popular because it’s photogenic and easy to access by a 10-minute walk in the Catlins in Otago, NZ.

Barrs Falls

Barrs Falls is a 5-7m waterfall with many neighboring segments reached by a short walk in the Catlins Forest Park by Balclutha in the Otago Region, New Zealand.

Thunder Creek Falls

Thunder Creek Falls is a well-known 28m waterfall accessed from the Haast River Valley in Mt Aspiring NP between Haast and Wanaka in Otago, New Zealand.

Fantail Falls

Fantail Falls is a 15m waterfall easily accessed by a two-minute walk in the vicinity of Haast Pass in Mt Aspiring National Park in Otago, New Zealand.

Roaring Billy Falls

Roaring Billy Falls is a fragmented waterfall reachable by a 30-minute return walk in Haast River Valley of Mt Aspiring National Park in Otago, New Zealand.

Depot Creek Falls

Depot Creek Falls is a rather obscure and somewhat hidden cascade by the mouth of the Haast River Valley surrounded by ephemeral waterfalls in Otago, NZ.