Salto Grande

Salto Grande was definitely the prime waterfall attraction in Torres del Paine National Park as it gushed 15m between lakes with an easy trail to a lookout.

Torres del Paine Cascades

The Torres del Paine Cascades are mountain cascades in which I’ve dedicated this page to acknowledge their quality and quantity seen during the difficult but rewarding hike…

Cascada del Rio Paine

La Cascada del Rio Paine (or more accurately Cascada del Río Paine) is really more notable for its position before the scenic Paine Massif than it is as a waterfall…

Salto Chico

Salto Chico was a small but powerful waterfall nestled beneath the luxury lodge Explora en Patagonia and fronting the gorgeous Chilean Patagonia peaks.

Fitz Roy Cascades

The Fitz Roy Cascades are what I’m calling these series of mountain cascades sprinkled beneath the imposing Fitz Roy Mountains. There are actually countless lacy mountain…

Chorrillo del Salto

El Chorrillo del Salto is actually the name for both the river and the 20m waterfall fed by the melting snow and glaciers accumulated from the Fitz Roy Massif.

Los Notros Cascade

Los Notros Cascade is the informal name I’m giving this little lacy cascade next to the upscale Los Notros Hotel near the world famous Perito Moreno Glacier…