Comet Falls

Comet Falls is a 320ft waterfall on Van Trump Creek that may be Mt Rainier National Park’s tallest waterfall reached by an uphill 4-mile round-trip hike.

Van Trump Falls

Van Trump Falls is a waterfall on Mt Rainier that I’m giving special attention to because it can easily be confused with Comet Falls without any prior research.

Christine Falls

Christine Falls is a 69ft waterfall on Van Trump Creek easily seen with a road bridge on the south side of Mt Rainier National Park in Pierce County, Washington

Myrtle Falls

Myrtle Falls is a 72ft waterfall accessed on a 1/4-mile walk giving us a rare chance to photograph it fronting Mt Rainier – Washington’s most iconic mountain.

Spray Falls

Spray Falls is a twisting 354ft waterfall reachable by a 4-mile hike on the Spray Park Trail in the northern slopes of Mt Rainier in Pierce County, Washington.