Stigfossen and Tverrdalsfossen (Trollstigen)

Stigfossen and Tverrdalsfossen are the pair of waterfalls framing the serpentine road known as Trollstigen (the troll ladder) in Møre og Romsdal, Norway.

Dontefossen, Gravdefossen, Brurasloret, and “Skogagrovafossen”

Donetfossen (or Døntefossen), Skogagrovafossen, Brurasloret, and Gravdefossen are the prominent waterfalls in the Romsdal Valley – Norway’s Yosemite Valley.


Vermafossen is a 381m cascading waterfall with a pitchfork shape when flowing well, making it one of our favorite waterfalls in Norway’s Romsdal Valley.


Slettafossen is a powerful cascade dropping 24m in cumulative height on the Rauma River as it ran in Norway’s famed Romsdal Valley in Møre og Romsdal County.

The Romsdal Valley Waterfalls

The Romsdalen Waterfalls page is where I’m clumping the various roadside or nearly roadside waterfalls that we saw in the famed Romsdal Valley of Norway.