Chiquito Falls (Lion Canyon Falls)

Chiquito Falls (or Lion Canyon Falls) was a small waterfall near the Ortega Highway that required quite a bit of effort to reach. Was the effort worth it?

Fuller Mill Creek Falls

Fuller Mill Creek Falls is a 25ft waterfall near Idyllwild that is a habitat for the mountain yellow-legged frog so seeing it flow requires timing and luck.

Murray Canyon Falls (Seven Sisters Falls)

Murray Canyon Falls (or Seven Falls) consists of 20ft or less waterfalls on a 4-mile trail in a desert oasis flanked by California Fan Palms near Palm Springs.

West Fork Falls

West Fork Falls is a 3-tiered waterfall dropping about 5-15ft each that we reached on a short walk from the Trading Post next to Palm Canyon near Palm Springs.

San Juan Falls

San Juan Falls is a small temporary falls that’s hard to get a good look at, but it’s quite close to the Ortega Highway by the Ortega Oaks Candy Store.

Tahquitz Falls

Tahquitz Falls is a 50-60ft waterfall in the desert that we experienced by a two-mile loop hike in the hidden Tahquitz Canyon right in Palm Springs, California.

Tenaja Falls

Tenaja Falls is a 150ft multi-drop seasonal waterfall reached by a 1.5-mile round-trip hike flanked by wildflowers to pools at the top after a long crossing.

Ortega Falls

Ortega Falls is a popular 35ft seasonal waterfall with additional downstream cascades accessed by a 1/4-mile scramble from the Ortega Highway near Lake Elsinore