Boulder Creek Falls

Boulder Creek Falls is a roadside waterfall off Hwy 190 (Western Divide Highway) between Springville and Ponderosa in the Tule River District of Sequoia NF.

Nobe Young Falls

Nobe Young Falls is a 100ft waterfall that we could scramble behind. It was once the secret treasure of the Sequoia National Forest’s Tule River District.

Peppermint Creek Falls

Peppermint Creek Falls is a pretty 150ft waterfall tumbling over a rounded granite surface with views towards the Dome Land Wilderness near the Needles.

South Creek Falls

South Creek Falls is an attractive and easy-to-visit 120ft roadside waterfall on Road 99 a short distance west of the bridge over the famed Kern River.

Middle Fork Tule River Falls

Middle Fork Tule River Falls is a 50ft waterfall that we noticed while driving the twisty Western Divide Road between Springville and Ponderosa.

Grizzly Falls

Grizzly Falls is a roadside waterfall dropping 75ft into a picnic area right by Kings Canyon National Park’s Cedar Grove. It’s misty in Spring, but calms down in Summer.

Waterfalls on Kings Canyon Highway

The Kings Canyon Highway (Hwy 180) between Grant Grove and Cedar Grove passes through some rugged canyon scenery carved out mostly by the Kings River. There are waterfalls…