Waterfalls on the Skoga River

The waterfalls on the Skoga River are so numerous that it was almost overwhelming to me. I counted about 26 waterfalls (23 on the river) not counting Skogafoss.


Kvernufoss is the overlooked neighbor of the popular Skógafoss and the Skógar turf farms reachable by an unoffocial hike and scramble to a secluded cove.


Skogafoss probably rivals Gullfoss as Iceland’s most famous waterfall. It has a 60m height and 25m width, easy access, and is Julie’s favorite falls in Iceland.

Foss a Sidu

Foss a Sidu (Foss á Siðu) was a conspicuous waterfall along the Ring Road in Southern Iceland, which towered over a farm hamlet and was easy to experience.