Bjarnarfoss is a tall waterfall tumbling behind the farming hamlet of Buðir opposite the Mælifell Volcano. It’s said that under the falls stands Fjallkonan.


Klukkufoss (‘Clock Falls’) is a waterfall fed by the melting Snæfellsjökull Glacier dropping over twisted and bent basalt columns dictating its trajectory.


Svodufoss (Svöðufoss) is a large block waterfall fed by the melting Snæfellsjökull Glacier, where I managed to see both of them together from a distance.


Baejarfoss (‘Town Falls’) is situated right behind the charming Ólafsvík, which we accessed by doing the short walk starting from within the center of town.

Other Snaefellsnes Waterfalls

There are other Snaefellsnes Waterfalls beyond those we already have write-ups for on this website, but in this page, we highlight the rest that we spotted.