Sandsfossen is a short but wide waterfall with a salmon ladder and viewing ‘studio’ near the town of Sand in the Ryfylke region of Rogaland County, Norway.


Storfossen is an informal name we chose to associate this rather obscure, wispy waterfall near the Mosvatn Lake to the southeast of Sand in Rogaland, Norway.


Hongavikfossen is a conspicuous roadside waterfall spilling 155m over a tunnel into the Saudafjord in the Suldal Municipality of Rogaland County, Norway.


Svandalsfossen is an in-your-face waterfall right by the 520 Road on the way to Sauda by the Saudafjord with a pullout and short walk to really see it up close.

Sauda to Roldal Waterfalls

The Sauda to Røldal Waterfalls page is where I’m paying homage to the numerous waterfalls we encountered as we drove along this stretch of the Rv520 mostly through moorish highlands between…