Svoufossen and Reppdalsfossen

Svoufossen (Svøufossen or Svøufallet) is a 156m freefalling waterfall while Reppdalsfossen is a 215m cascade. Both waterfalls are promiment Åmotan features.


Linndalsfossen (also Lindalsfallet, Linndalsfallet, or Lindalsfossen) is a hidden 140m waterfall requiring a 3km uphill hike to the canyon’s edge in Åmotan.

The Eikesdal Valley Waterfalls and the Aursjovegen Waterfalls

The Eikesdalen, Aursjøvegen, and Litldalen Waterfalls draped these steep glaciated valleys along a memorable drive linking the two valleys in Møre og Romsdal.

Vinnufossen and the Sunndal Waterfalls

Vinnufossen is an 865m waterfall in Sunndal Valley just east of Sunndalsøra making it one of the highest waterfalls in Norway, and it’s a roadside waterfall.