Poellat Gorge Waterfall

Poellat Gorge Waterfall (Pöllatschlucht Wasserfall) is a 30m falls beneath Maria’s Bridge (Marienbrücke) next to Neuschwanstein Castle near Füssen, Germany.


Lechfall is a man-made waterfall spilling over a dam ladder on the Lech River built in the 18th century as a means of flood control near Füssen, Germany.

Scheidegger Waterfalls

Scheidegger Waterfalls (Scheidegger Wasserfälle) are 3 waterfalls on the Rickenbach in Rohrach Gorge that I experienced in an excursion near Lindau, Germany.

Hinanger Waterfall

Hinanger Waterfall (Hinanger Wasserfall) is a 12m limestone falls on a path with steps, bridges, and travertine cliffs in the Allgäu near Sonthofen, Germany.

Zipfelsbach Waterfall

Zipfelsbach Waterfall (Zipfelsbach Wasserfall) is a 300m falls in several drops of which I hiked to the bottom 2 from the town of Hinterstein, Bayern, Germany.