Serendipity Falls

Serendipity Falls is diminutive and ephemeral, worthy of being a pullover distraction, especially if caught behind slow vehicles on the Palmerston Highway.

Barron Falls

Barron Falls is a regulated 131m waterfall dropping from the Atherton Tablelands into the Barron Gorge near Cairns easily seen on a short walk or by rail.

Stoney Creek Falls

Stoney Creek Falls is a waterfall close to the tracks of the Kuranda Scenic Railway, which gave us the impression taht it can only be seen in this manner.

Millaa Millaa Falls

Millaa Millaa Falls is an 18m tropical waterfall that we think is the most beautiful and iconic waterfall of the waterfall-laden Atherton Tablelands region.

Millstream Falls

Millstream Falls may be Australia’s widest single-drop waterfall which may have some legitimacy to this claim if the lookout only revealed half its entirety!

Little Millstream Falls

Little Millstream Falls is a convergence of at least three semi-accessible cascading waterfalls sharing the same reserve as the (big) Millstream Falls.

Mungalli Falls

Mungalli Falls consists of three apparent tiers with a cumulative 75m drop accessed from a Student Village and Wilderness Retreat in the Atherton Tablelands.

Ellinjaa Falls

Ellinjaa Falls is one of the three waterfalls on the 17km Waterfall Circuit in the Atherton Tablelands. It’s 10-15m and accessible via a 20-minute track.

Zillie Falls

Zillie Falls is another of the trio of waterfalls on the 17km Waterfall Circuit in the Atherton Tablelands seen from a near roadside lookout by Millaa Millaa.

Malanda Falls

Malanda Falls is a short wide waterfall with some swimming infrastructure in its plunge pool for relief from the tropical heat in the Atherton Tablelands.

Dinner Falls

Dinner Falls is a series of three waterfalls on the Upper Barron River sharing the same reserve with the deep Hypipamee Crater in Mt Hypipamee National Park.

Pepina Falls

Pepina Falls is a hidden waterfall tumbling 5m on Middlebrook Creek beneath a road bridge accessed by a 90m scramble in the Atherton Tablelands near Ravenshoe.

Souita Falls

Souita Falls is an off-the-beaten-track pair of small cascades accessed by a short track near the agricultural hamlet of Middlebrook in the Atherton Tablelands.

Nandroya Falls

Nandroya Falls is a multi-drop 50m waterfall accessed on a 6km loop walk in a humid Wet Tropics rainforest within the waterfall-laced Atherton Tablelands.

Wallicher Falls (or Wallacha Falls) and Tchupala Falls

Wallicher Falls and Tchupala Falls are a pair of waterfalls at the ends of a Y-shaped route accessed from the Palmerston Hwy in Wooroonooran National Park.

Josephine Falls

Josephine Falls is a popular multi-tiered cascade and swim hole near the base of Mt Bartle Frere in Wooroonooran National Park in North Queensland, Australia.