Haifoss (Háifoss) was once the 2nd tallest waterfall in Iceland at 122m, but it’s the surroundings with a companion waterfall that really made it special.


Hjalparfoss (‘Help Falls’) is a unique, easy-to-visit, double waterfall that joined at its base into a very large plunge pool surrounded by lava formations.


Thjofafoss (Þjófafoss) is a wide and milky waterfall on the Þjórsá River beneath Mt Búrfell. The ‘Thieves Falls’ was an apparent drowning pool for theft crimes.

Gjarfoss and the Gjain Waterfalls

Gjarfoss and the Gjain Waterfalls (or Gjárfoss and the Gjáin Waterfalls) were our excuses to visit a lush yet geologically active area near the Stöng Farm.